Hello, I'm Andre.

I create simple, intuitive, elegant, and impactful experiences that inspire adoption and drive conversion.

Technical Skills

Design Systems

Unified systems are essential to managing chaos and creating better products. My expertise in creating brand guides, style guides, and libraries have proven to reduce design debt, eliminate inconsistencies, ensure scalability, and strengthen the brand.

Digital Design

Digital Design is the foundation of my career. My expertise includes website design, mobile apps, microsites, landing pages, email marketing collateral, display ads, social media assets, 2D animation, HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.

UX Design

UX Design touches every aspect of our lives and is the one creative discipline combines my technical prowess with my creative style and vision. And since UX is driven by data and customers, it's easy to see why I love designing beautiful experiences.

Digital Video Advertising

My mastery in digital video editing, storytelling, and sound design has allowed me to produce engaging commercial advertising pieces that resonate with the audience and reinforce the client's brand equity...all within the industry's notoriously quick deadlines.

Motion Graphics  |  Animation

Leveraging speed, accuracy, and my unique style, this discipline allows me to express my creative ideas in ways static images simply can't. And by leveraging this talent I delight and benefit the business and, most importantly, their customers.

Creative Strategy

A strategic approach captures ideas, insights, and possible initiatives that will help the business, stakeholders and employees achieve broader goals. This skill allows me tos communicate the why's and how's behind any campaign, offering or idea.

Soft Skills


My strengths include: Written communication, Verbal & Non-verbal communication, Empathy, Clarity, Constructive feedback, Confidence, Friendliness, and Respect.


My strengths include: Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, Delegation, Idea exchange, and Active Listening.


My strengths include: Authenticity, Versatility, Humility, Empathy, Listening, Agility, and Trust.


My strengths include: Imagination, Insight, Inspiration, Innovation, Experimenting, and Design Thinking.


My strengths include: Brainstorming, Analysis, Initiative, Logical reasoning, Observation, Persuasion, Negotiating, and Decision making.

Time Management

My strengths include: Planning, Prioritizing, Self-starter, Decision making, and Focus.

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