GoTo Products – Plans & Pricing Experience


Within the current plans and pricing experience, users had a hard time comparing plans, pricing, features, and wanted to learn more. The experience on a mobile device was incredibly difficult for users to understand. Users also did not know that they can save 20% by purchasing annually until they reached the purchase page.

Goals for Creating This Experience

  • Achieved qualitative and quantitative data by teaming up with User Experience Researchers, Data Analysts, and Product Managers across different business units
  • Performed competitive research, usability analysis, and storyboarded interaction flows for improvements on the mobile experience and larger devices
  • Generated multiple design ideas and solutions in design thinking activities with stakeholders
  • Produced various A/B usability testing activities with users to uncover pain points, challenges, and user needs
  • Introduced save 20% savings toggle design element earlier in the users purchase journey
  • Eliminated long vertical and confusing experience on mobile to make it easier for users to compare plans, pricing, and features
  • Focused product action colors on the buy call to action elements, rather than the top free trial hero area