GoTo Products – Product Catalogue Experience


Historically, each GoTo Product could only be downloaded for trial or purchase through their respective website/ecommerce portal. This antiquated process posed numerous problems, especially as the product offerings grew in number through addressing the wants and needs of our customers. My team proposed a solution to this glaring issue, a single unified destination where customers and prospects would have access to all of the product offerings for download, in one place...the GoTo Products – Product Catalogue Experience.

Goals for Creating This Experience

  • Design a scalable experience featuring all product offerings for download, as well as, a dedicated detail page
  • Identify user acceptance criteria, error handling, and interaction states
  • Responsive design to work across all web browsers and mobile devices
  • Typography elements to work across all view ports
  • Improved search engine optimization
  • Improved page load times

Desktop Wireframe

Desktop Wireframe | Secondary Information Hover State

Desktop Wireframe | Detail Page

Mobile Wireframe

Mobile Wireframe | Detail Page

Desktop Visual Design

Desktop Visual Design | Secondary Information Hover State

Desktop Visual Design | Detail Page

Tablet Visual Design

Tablet Visual Design | Detail Page

Mobile Visual Design

Mobile Visual Design | Detail Page

Desktop Specifications | CSS

Desktop Specifications | Spacing

Desktop Specifications | Detail Page CSS

Desktop Specifications | Detail Page Spacing

Tablet Specifications | CSS

Tablet Specifications | Spacing

Tablet Specifications | Detail Page CSS

Tablet Specifications | Detail Page Spacing

Mobile Specifications | CSS

Mobile Specifications | Spacing

Mobile Specifications | Detail Page CSS

Mobile Specifications | Detail Page Spacing