GoTo Products – Free Trial & Welcome Experience


The current free trial sign up and welcome onboarding experience was not localized for users around the world, there was no acceptance and error validation within form fields, and included outdated design elements that were not aligned to current style guides and design patterns.

After users signed up for a free trial or purchased a product, they would arrive on a welcome onboarding experience which didn’t have helpful resources for users to understand or get started with their product.

Goals for Creating This Experience

  • Identified user pain points by conducting usability analysis and storyboarded interaction flows
  • Produced competitive research and analysis and identified opportunities for improvements
  • Gained qualitative and quantitative data by teaming up with User Experience Researchers, Data Analysts, and performed usability testing activities with users
  • Improved experience by streamlining design elements which are now localized
  • Optimized form fields by adding easy to understand acceptance and error validation
  • Introduced steps for users to get started with their product, watch getting started video, what features were included, and more helpful resources that reaches user needs